We are passionate about what we do!

Adam: Since childhood I was always building things with whatever I could find. My dad was an engineer. He would bring things home for me to dissect, and I did. It was great, but limited tools and supplies left me frustrated. At some point I made a commitment to my ideas and inspiration! I decided I was going to obtain the tools to make whatever my imagination could cook up. At this point, I was around 6 or 7. The continuous frustration as a kid wore me down after a while. Dreams take time and money, and when you’re a kid, time moves slowly and dreams couldn't be further from your reach. The moral of the story is if you stay focused and keep a positive mindset and know what you want, anything is possible! ACS is an" idea", and with that idea and teamwork, we have built a solid foundation. It takes a lifetime of personal investment, and a high level of self-accountability.

Adams Chop Shop

We specialize in all applications of custom vehicles. Passion is our driving force! ACS is built on teamwork and that includes the customer as well. We are open to all ideas. Our services range from simple installations to full vehicle design and custom builds.

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